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( jerkin krew)

was established in 2009, nd is still a krew till this point. The name was givin by one of our good friends Ulises, that was inspired to give that name by a Koolaid Man Tee shirt the other homie ( Martin)* was wearing(: lol crazzy, but that was how "THE KOOLAIDZ" Name was Born. (:
- we not only known for "Jerkin" but also "Popping, Locking, breakdancing and choreography"

 Reckless Diamond Clothing was founded on October 2010 by Josh Valdivia. We are a dance clothing line and love to sponsor different dancers and song artist. Our sponsored song artists and dancers are Vice 45, BB The Jerk, Q-Ill, and Wiggles. Our youtube channel is where you will find lots of dance competitions and we are always looking for new people to sponsor.

The KidPhreshProduction Members est. 09 

 - Eyyo wassgood its ya boii KidPhresh! (:
 Age: 18 yrs of age.
 City: Shafter Cali' ♥
 DOB: 2/12/94
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  - Wassup Tho' Its Youngg Jayy!
 Age: 17 years old
 City: Wasco, CA
 D.O.B: 6-19-95
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  - Whats Gucci Tho!(; Its that nigga Jordan!
 Age: 18 years old ♥
 City: Shafter Cali'
 D.O.B: 1/24/94
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  - Its Jossssh! ;D
 Age: 18 years old'
 City: Shafter Cali,
 D.O.B: 1/23/94
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  - Yo ! its That Boii Jesse! (; 
 Age: 17
 City: Shafter Cali'
 D.O.B: 6/15/95
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  - Eyyo ! Its Panchito! :D
Age: 11
Shafter Cali
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